WQHD and 4K: Complete guide for dummies

You are probably reading this on a screen. It could be on a monitor or your smartphone screen.

Sometimes do you watch an old movie, say of 80s on your laptop or phone or TV and think 80s movies have great story but it would be better if the picture quality was great? And next day, when you watch the same movie on your friend’s home and the same movie looks like the latest movie just because he has a better monitor?

You ask what makes his monitor better than yours and he replies it’s a WQHD or 4K or something that you have no idea about.

You want a monitor like that but have no idea what’s the cool thing about WQHD and 4K and other display resolutions?

This guide is for complete newbies and will explain everything about the display and screen resolutions and HD and WQHD and whatever you have on your mind regarding display. Probably you won’t be an expert at the topic but you will surely be able to decide what kind of monitor or TV you want and won’t have to ask your geeky friend about it.

To understand WQHD and 4K we have to start with the basics-Pixels and Resolutions.

What are Screen Resolution and Pixels?

We hear how computers are revolutionizing everything. We hear people talk about the processing powers and cores and stuffs but what if there was no screen? What if you didn’t have a way to see the output? You could the terrorists on CS:GO but what if you couldn’t see them dying?

Screen resolutions are becoming so important that anytime some company launches new smartphones or laptops, they point out the display as their first feature. Because after all display is what makes a great use experience.

To get a good grasp of resolution, knowledge of pixel is absolutely necessary.

Wikipedia describes Pixel as “ a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen.”

So,let’s break it down. See the picture below.

wqhd and 4k



That is a normal image of a deer just like you see everywhere. That let’s call it a bundle.

A bundle of what?

You are right.Pixels.

In the above image,if you zoom in deep,I mean really,really,really deep then you start to see square boxes in the image.It has a definite area.Those are pixels.

wqhd and 4k

See?Therefore,pixels are the smallest element in the image because you can’t go deeper than that.

Pixels are what cells are to a biology.Or number to Mathematics.Or letters to literature.Because it is the smallest building block of an image.

Ok,Ok,I Get What Pixels are,So now What?

If you really got a basic intuition of pixels,then you can observe that more pixels make a image more clear.Suppose a image has 16 pixels and lets it’s size be 400×500. That means there has to be 16 pixels in such a large image which means 1 pixel shares a considerable amount of space.Do you think that is better?Can 5 squares really produce a clear image of cat’s nostrils?

If you have a lot of pixels,what about it?

If there are a lot of pixels,then that means you have to zoom really really hard to produce an unclear image.

Thus,more pixels mean better image quality.

Note:You hear a 8MP rear camera smartphone and 32 MP camera.MP stands for Mega-Pixels and it means a million pixels.8 MP means 8 million pixels.So,you can see how Samsung and Apple advertise their smartphones camera MP.


Resolution is nothing but the measure of Pixels. It is the term used for pixel counts.A 10 x 10 resolution means there are 10 pixels horizontally and 10 pixels vertically.That’s all there is to resolutions.

So again,more resolution means more pixels which means better quality.

Now,understanding WQHD and 4K won’t be a problem anymore.


After understanding pixels,WQHD and 4K shouldn’t be hard to understand.But before,we have to start with HD which stands for “High Definition”.The start of HD was the beginning of revolution in screen industry.

Lets start off with HD.HD means 720p which is equal to 1280 x 720 pixels.HD started getting popular after 2010.Many phones came up with HD screens and videos were shot at HD.Nowadays,hardly any phone or laptop uses HD.

Next,is the Full HD.Full HD means 1080p which is equal to 1920 x 1080 pixels.1080p is increasingly popular in most of the videos.Most of the smartphones and cameras are capable of recording videos at 1080p.In fact,most YouTube videos are 1080p.


Then comes the QHD. This is where it gets interesting. Understand QHD well and WQHD won’t be a problem for. And you will understand why in the next section.

QUAD HD stands for 1440p which is adopted by medieval smartphones and computers.1440p is equal to 2560 x 1440 p.Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung S6 uses this screen resolution.

From the name itself, Quad means 4.Therefore,QHD is 4 times HD.


W-QHD is simply Wide-QHD. That means it is the same as QHD but the aspect ratio is less.

Aspect ratio is simply ratio of horizontal and vertical size. If an image has 3:1 aspect ratio then it means it’s width is 3 times its height.

QHD has an aspect ratio of 16:9 while WQHD has an aspect ratio of 4:3.


4K comes after the QHD.4K has 4 times the pixels as Full HD. That means it is 2160p and the resolution is 2160x 3840.This is the latest resolution on the market right now.Sure enough,this is not a limit and 8K is becoming a thing too.

You have to note that,when a smartphone says 4K camera it means,the camera records videos that are 4K.It doesn’t mean it has 4K display.


So,which one is better?

You might have guessed by now,4K is best.But the price?Quality contains price and 4K is definitely higher.It all comes down to your budget if you are looking for a monitor with good display.I don’t think there is any reason to go for a 4K monitor unless you are high-end graphics designer.I hope the basic concepts were clear to you.

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