Why is Dota 2 so addictive?

If you use Internet,you must have heard of Dota 2 once or twice somewhere in the Internet.If you are into games then there’s no chance you haven’t come across Dota 2 and maybe even read about what it is and some videos on it.If you are a hardcore strategy gamer then you must have spent days playing Dota.

Why is the game Dota 2 so addictive then?



Dota stands for “Defense of The Ancients”.The addictive nature of Dota lies in its game-play of course. Dota is a game all about strategizing,predicting your enemy moves and making decisions.The different game modes available make the game worthwhile.In fact,people have spent 450 days of their month playing Dota a month!I myself have spent around a month playing Dota i.e,724 hours.Yes,I have no life.And so would most of Dota players would say.

For a new player here is a basic outline of Dota.


There are two teams on the game.One is called “The Dire” and the next is called “The Radiant”.There are 5 players on each team who each pick a “hero”.The game finishes when “the Ancient” in either one of the team is destroyed.The game revolves around the main idea of trying to take down The Ancient of the opposing teams and there are “creeps” which generate every 1 minute and are auto-controlled by the game.

Overall,Dota is just like a chess game except with bigger pieces and every move of  the pieces a chess in itself.The addictiveness of Dota can also be credited to the ranking system.Once you reach level 20 in the game,you can start playing ranked matches which boosts your MMR(Match Making rating).The competition to get the best in MMR is quite fierce. If you have got a good MMR its really something to boast about.

Different abilities of the hero and the infinite possibility also amounts to the addicting nature of Dota. To any strategy freak this game is surely a killer.

Dota community is quite big and Valve has done very good at engaging it through various forums.The unique and surprising updates from Valve create a buzz among the Dota players and you simply cant quit.I think this is the most important factor for addictiveness of Dota. Quick updates,quick fixes and game-play updates make the game very entertaining.Once you play Dota you just can’t afford to miss all the new updates and new patches,that’s how much Dota hooks you.

Dota also has awesome 3-D looking graphics.Bright colors can be intimidating when you first start out but once you get used to it you can never get enough of Dota 2.

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