Why is Dot tk Domain a Big No-NO

If you are looking to start a website,then most of you will start searching for free domain name and hosting.It is quite common.You don’t know what you are doing at first and you tend to experiment over free tools available.Most “free domain and hosting” lead you to Google searches like blogspot.com and wordpress.com.But you don’t want your site to be xxx.wordpress.com or xyz.blogspot.com.Then,you will stumble across a free and short,neat looking domain called .tk and you will check if it is really free.And it is free.

Then,you will name your domain mywebsite.tk and get ready to go.But wait.Don’t do that without reading this first.

So,what’s the reason you shouldn’t opt for a completely free neat looking short domain?Why am I against the .tk domain?

1.No visibility

If you are looking to get a .tk domain,then you are obviously short of budget.That means if you are creating a website,you have little or no money for marketing.Which means that you have to rely in SEO for your website traffic and growth.Don’t get me wrong,even big websites with high budget work on SEO for their traffic rather than marketing because untargeted traffic won’t land you anywhere.The main goal of blog is to convert to money of course,but what if you get a daily 1000 page-views from your Facebook pages but without any ad clicks or purchase?It’s worthless.

SEO is where it saves you.SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and I am not going to be going in detail here because there are so more SEO gurus out there than number of websites.

SEO puts your website in first pageĀ  of Google.That means people come to your blog after they have searched for something.Those count as intended visits.

But Google doesn’t automatically put everything you write in top page of Google.Again there is whole bunch of keyword research and such which the SEO gurus have become an expert at describing at.

google takes in factor like Page Rank,Domain rank and trust flow.And the .tk websites don’t have much chance at having high rank factor.

So,you may write a beautiful piece of long content,but in vain.There is very little chance you are going to appear on google which means no traffic.

So,.tk domain means almost no traffic.

2.Infringement of your website

Once you give your personal details for a free domain,you get so excited you don’t see terms of services and such.I mean,terms of services pages are just to click “I accept the terms of services” blindly so you can actually get what you are waiting for right?

In their terms of services,the .tk provider state that “your website is completely owned by them and they can take your website down anytime they like”.They don’t use the exact phrase I used but they mean that but they hide it over their technical terms.

That means,if you do actually get traffic for your website,then if they start hinting that you are doing good,then they can just take over your website and use it as their own.Because after all it was a free websites of theirs,that you were using right?

But,it sucks doesn’t it?

So,do you want to go down that road?Churn up great content for your website only to hand it to others?

3.Difficulty in Adsense Acceptance

Adsense is the best way to monetise a website and you will certainly look forward to it too.

But,getting Adsense approved on a .tk website is not a piece of cake.

That being said,there are actually only about 5% of the .tk sites,running Adsense on them.

believe me on this,getting Adsense approval is very tough.

I myself got Adsense approval on this website on my 6th try.And with a .com site.I even had some original content.

So,Adsense approval is not a piece of cake and trying it on a .tk website means your cake may never bake.

4.Bad Link Building

Maybe you do have a website.Now,you want some links.You get intimidated by the free link from .tk and you hurry to add your website link I will tell you why you shouldn’t be doing that.

Google no longer takes into account the number of backlinks pointing to your website but the quality of the backlinks.And .tk websites have very low DA and PA,which means you will hurt your site more than actually optimising it.Web 2.0 submission days are pretty much gone now because everyone can do them and Google is no fool.They filter the Web 2.0 backlinks and just rank for the quality backlinks from high PR sites.


There are some reasons you can get a .tk website too.

I have numerous .tk websites too.What?Why?

.tk domain can be useful when:

You are solely experimenting

I learn a great deal about FTP and http from a free website.You can freely explore any tools available there without having any risks of losing your money.

I mainly used it for my web programming.

When I was practicing HTML,CSS and JavaScript,I actually uploaded my files on the FTP of the free .tk website!Pretty cool huh?I can show my friend what I have made.

I also used it for Facebook plugin purpose.I wanted to add Facebook share and like button and see it would work or nor.And I could freely ask my friends to check by just giving the url.That was a huge advantage for me.


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