Web Hosting in Nepal:How to register your domain name

With no introduction of PayPal and international Credit cards yet,cheap and most used hosting services like Godaddy are not available in Nepal.So,finding a reliable web hosting in Nepal maybe a hassle,even more if you are new hosting.Being new to this myself and as in same dilemma as you,

I am going to guide you step by step in getting your own domain name and webhosting at cheap price,something we all Nepalese look forward too.

I am using Web Host Nepal.Here are the reasons why:

1.)I was new myself and had same doubt.Recently my friend had purchased his hosting space but his website load time was high.I was scared it might be the same to me.After all,how much can web hosting in Nepal be relied upon?But after actually purchasing it and installing WordPress and getting the website up and running,the load time seemed to be genuine.

2.)The price is very reasonable.Researching a lot in price for same hosting space and domain name,I couldn’t find a better price with great service.

So let’s get started.

First of all log on to webhostnepal.com.

Scrolling down you can see the Web hosting as in the image.


Click on the link.

You can see three different plans.

Now,you maybebe wondering which to choose upon.Don’t worry.

Which plan should I choose?

Most of us are going to be installing wordpress (famous Content Management System) for your website.

On my own experience Installation of wordpress is going to take you about 20 mb of disk space.

Plugins and right theme play important role in driving traffic to your website.

Right theme and plugin installation take about 20 mb of space.

If your website is only textual with no images and contains about 20-30 posts,100 mb is the way to go.

But if it contains images & videos then 1 GB is the right choice.

I went for Business plan i.e,2 Gb as you can see.

So choose according to your need but I recommend going for the Business plan.

After you have settled on the plan:

Click on “Buy Now”.After that you will be asked to register your domain name.Register the domain name of your choice.After that click on continue.web-hosting-in-nepal

Then you will be asked to fill your personal details.Then proceed to check out.Since,PayPal is not supported check the Cash/Deposit in the option.Then,a bill invoice will be generated with A/c no and name.Deposit cash on the mentioned bank and you are ready to go.

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