Storeo for Instagram:What is it ?

Storeo for Instagram:What’s it for ?


Do you want your your Instagram story to be longer than 15 seconds?We all do!Well,we now have a solution because the guys in Bee Design thought it would be a good idea to solve this problem.How many times do you shoot a video for Instagram to capture the perfect moment but realize that the video is too long?Well,Storeo solves exaclty that problem.You can make the length of video as you desire!

You may need to update your Instagram app for Storeo to work well but it’s worth all the hassle.With over 2,800 monthly users and over 18,000 downloads Storeo is getting attention of Insta lovers!It all started when one of the developers found the problem of video length limit in Instagram very frustating.The app is a freemium version but there is an in-app purchase where you can remove the watermark for $9.99.

The Android version of the app is not available and is set out to be released on December as the development is in progress.

You can download Storeo on your iPhone/ipad here.



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