Google Adsense Blackhat Technique:Should you use it?


If you are reading this article then you are probably familiar with Google Adsense.For those of you who aren’t here’s a simple explanation.

Google Adsense Blackhat Technique:Should you use it?

Google Adsense is an advertisers network where websites can earn money by displaying ads on their website.Where do these ads come from?These ads come from another program owned by google called AdWords.AdWords is where those who want their ads to be displayed bid on certain keywords.To know about Google Adsense Blackhat technique,it is essential to understand about AdWords.

Simply put,AdWords is where there is a large collection of ads ready to be advertised and Adsense is what does the advertising.

How do you earn from Google Adsense?

The way you earn from Adsense is pretty simple.You put ads on your website after your website gets approved in Adsense policies  and the ads get displayed on your website.If anyone clicks on your ads then you get some money based on CPC(Cost-per-click).

To summarize the process:

  • Apply for google Adsense here.
  • After your website gets approved you can put ads on your website.
  • If anyone click on your website you earn money from it.

If you have done this already then you will find that it’s not easy as it sounds.Especially if your blog contains low quality content and not much visitors,you may not earn a penny.

But you have been reading all over the internet how people have become rich using Adsense.You maybe tempted to make money by illegal ways as well.That’s where the word blackhat comes in.


What is Blackhat?

Blackhat is a term used in hackers community which simply means “illegal” or “out of rule”.The antonym whitehat means “applying to rules”.

So,you want to earn money by using blackhat method,because you are too lazy to write articles and promote your website.

How to use blackhat method?

There are various ways to use blackhat techniques to earn money off Adsense.

Since Adsense generates money solely on ads clicked,why not click your ads every second of the day?!You would be earning millions in a month.But Google hires people intelligent than you or if you are intelligent enough then thousands like you.

Wait,does that mean Google figures out I have been clicking on my ads all day?

Yes,it does!


Google tracks the IP addresses from where the clicks are coming.And if it notices too many clicks from  the same address then your Adsense account gets banned.Easy,right?

So what now?

Methods Revealed:



What is a VPN?VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a networking tool that changes the IP address of your computer every time.You get new address every time or  anytime you ask.The way VPN works is quite complex.Generally,proxy(meaning false) servers are set up so you connect to these servers temporarily thus having different IP addresses.

SO you can set up a VPN and start clicking your own ads and google will  never know.

There are free VPN available too but they will charge you money if you want to change your IP address many times.

If you are serious about getting a VPN,get a paid VPN(This is the best method so I have it on number 1!),then I would recommend ivacy VPN where you can buy here.
Ivacy VPN


If Google notices unusual activity on your website like getting a huge surge of traffic at once,even if it is from different address then it feels something is wrong and will eventually ban your account.

Make sure you slowly increase the click rate to make it more believable.

2.Adsense Blackhat Group Method


If you think you can’t afford VPN for some reasons then there is another way for you.

Do you think you are the only one wanting to earn money from Adsense using blackhat technique?


Obviously there are thousands,maybe million others.

Lets call the group of these people Adsense Blackhat Group.

This group uses a forum or maybe Facebook group to interact with each other.

What do they do?

They simply ask each other to click on their websites(each of them once),resulting in valid clicks.


In fact It is and there are many available groups out there and I won’t be revealing the groups here but some research will land you upon the group.


Same as the VPN method.

3.Job Posting Method.

This must be the most clever method I have seen up-to date but I have been mesmerized by this method too.

How it works?

I won’t be going into complete details here but you can comment below if you want to know .Here is how it works surfacely:

*Make your ads not look like ads.There are various ways to do this and get a link for the page this ad is in.

*Sign up on or job finding websites.

*Post a job title but in the case of  job URL put your page URL of the modified ad.

*there are people hungry for jobs and you will certainly receive clicks in an organic way thus resulting in money from Adsense.

Disclaimer:This is the best method actually,but the complexity involved can intimidate many of you.I will do a step by step guide on this method many of you comment down below.


Should you use Google Adsense Blackhat Technique?


Why would I Be asking you this if I just revealed the tricks myself?

Even if you may earn a lot from blackhat methods,you may not find satisfaction from your black money(Yes,it is black money).You may have your account completely banned by Google if they find out.

There are many legit ways of earning money from Adsense by promoting your website through:


2.High Quality content


4.Guest Post

5.Forum Posting

If you really want to earn money you need dedication.If you have no dedication than money is just not for you.Sure,you can earn money from the tricks I mentioned above but at the end of the day it’s all about personal satisfaction.If you are satisfied,its good to go,if not,use fun and legit ways.


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