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Image are very important for presentation and provide great quality.Images are very important for social media.From conveying some visual messages to blogging,images are widely used.A post with an image is more likely to grab user’s attention then a regular text post.

I make immense use of the Advanced Image Search and I was surprised to find that people are ignorant of this highly useful tool.

This tool saves loads of time and you can find relevant images per your need.

Google Images is the most used image search platform.The popularity of Google in search is huge and clarified.Google is pretty accurate to what it presents but sometimes we want very very specific results.That goes the same for images too.Therefore,Google has incorporated Google Advanced Image Search into its engine.

Problems with the basic image search

Basic image search is,you just enter a keyword in the search bar and hit on images and done.You get images but they won’t be specific and to your need.They can be too vast.What if you are looking for an image of exact product?You search for “lamborghini aventador 14/20 mpg” and get results.Do the results meet what you searched for?Probably not.

How to access Google Advanced Image Search

There are two ways to access the advanced image search.One is simple search a term in Google and navigate to Images and from the Tools,drop down and apply your filter.This is a less time-consuming way but has some limitations.

Next,process is to access the Advanced Image Search by clicking on the link below.

Google Advanced Image Search

It looks likes this:

google advanced image search


What can Google Advanced Image Search be used for?

It can be used for basically 5 things.The first and the most important will be:

1)Finding reusable non-copyright  images

I use this tool everyday and mostly for this particular purpose.If you run a blog or website you know how hard finding free stock images can be.

When you use images to share on social media or on your website,always included non-copyrighted images.You will be accused with copyright violation if you use images that are not licensed for reuse.Pretty scary,right?

So,how do you do this?

We are going to be searching for “cat”.To do this,

1)Type “cat” in All these words.

cat search

2)Scroll below on usage right and from the drop down menu choose free to use,share or modify,even commercially

free to use

That is if you are looking for images that you want to download and tweak it on your own and use in your website for reviews as well.You can always opt for other options as well.Click on Advanced Search and there you go!Your free to use images!

2)Finding image as per aspect ratio and image size

This is when you want an image according to your resolution and aspect ratio.It offers Tall,Square,Wide and Panoramic aspect ratio.You can also select the image size from image size.Let’s try this with the cat example.image size and aspect ratio

And indeed we are prompted with tall cats!

large cats


3)Finding Images according to Format

You can select image format for your image too.If converting an image from JPG to PNG or BMP or whatever is boring for you,then directly search for the image as per the format.I will be searching for image of “cat” with PNG format.You can even search GIF too!



4)Search from a domain

I am going to reveal you a secret.Wanna  know?

Google is the best search engine in the world.


That wasn’t a secret ,was it?

No,the secret is how you can use Google to search in different site!

You do know free stock image providers like Pexels and what-not.But even with the right phrase and keywords,it’s difficult to find the images you are looking for.Why?

Because,Pexel’s search algorithm isn’t as good as Google’s.

So turnaround?

DO this instead.

url search


This time we will use a little complex keyword.For instance,lets use “man on a train”.Google comes with these results under domain

man on a train

Quite what you thought right?

Now,let’s see the result of Pexels.

man on a train

Not quite what you thought?

Power of Google for you.


You can use exact keyword to search to.Like for instance,”Nvidia GTX 1080 TI” or more specific.You can use colors and even exclude terms in an image.

The advanced image search is not that difficult and the options are self-explanatory.You should have the habit of doing advanced search but the reason we are not familiar with this is,Google itself doesn’t promote it because of some complication.But once you get used to it,this is a piece of gem.

Thanks for reading the post and please feel free to ask any queries regarding Google Advanced Image Search.

Cheers 🙂 !

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