Funniest Yugioh Cards to Laugh Out Loud

You must have heard of Yugioh.It was a Japanese Manga that started around 1996 and became immensely popular.Many adaptions of the Manga series can be found in anime,video games and even a trading card game called Duel Monsters played with Yugioh cards.

The card game is played between two players with a deck.One player starts the game by “attacking” or “defending” by showing off a card and points are given as per the points on the cards.Whoever has greater points wins the game.

As designer started getting creative,they started producing funny yugioh cards.The cards are not actually in the Manga but adapted by creators for humour.

We list the top 15 funniest Yugioh card.

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funny yugioh cards


This card features a sunflower with a meme face and I found it extremely hilarious.The troll or be trolled card is just for humour and doesn’t have attack and defense point.

Old man Herbert


This funny card features a old man who is said to prey on neighbourhood boys and feed on them especially 5 years olds.But since it’s an old man he has quite low attack and defense points.

Annoying Orange

annoying orange funny yugioh card

This card has  an orange with  a huge grin which makes you smile at the stupidity.The description is even more hilarious.It has surprisingly high attack points but less defense points.Common,its an orange.

Tourettes Guy


This limited edition card features an angry individual who swears a lot.You can tell he does by looking the photo too.And just look at that attack and defense points.Whoa.

Black Guy Lying

blackguy lying

This is an offensive card but offense aside just look at that face!That sly smile cracks you hard.It’s as if he finally figured out where his mom hid the chocolates!This is a just for fun card with no points L.



What?What’s Herpaderpderp?

But it’s so funny,it’s one of my favouriate.And it says it’s for humping your opponent.

At gosh those points.Would you look at that.

Hungry Burger


As if everything had found it’s place,they featured a burger on a card.And are those sharp points supposed to be teeth?

Adolf Hitler


LOL.This cracked me so hard I rolled on the floor laughing.Who even thinks of these things?Hitler clearly suits so well the card and just read that description.

And ofcourse,the expected attacks and defense points.

Stupid American Gorilla

Burger and Oranges are funny?Look at this one!

It must be called American due to it’s white hair.That wicked smile though.

The Tattletale Stranger



This would be a funny card for humiliating your friend.Slap him in the face?And get to call him a retard too?That’s like life giving you apples and cakes instead of lemons.

Chuck Norris


You must have known Chuck Norris.You haven’t?

Well,he is the source of many memes.He is an actor-martial-artist.

And there was no chance he wasn’t going to be featured in a Yugioh card.

Goblin Decoy Squad


A original from Kazuki Takahashi.This card doesn’t have defense point but as per the description the attack can be changed to defense.


Did you enjoy the funny Yugioh cards?Do you have any Yugioh cards you like to recommend?Maybe your own creation.Let me know in the comments.


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