Features of iPhone X

Features of iPhone X:Why are people so crazy about

this new release?

We’ve been hearing about iPhone X everywhere.It’s outrageous on social media,TV and every person’s mouth.But why the hell is iPhone X gaining this much attention?In fact Apple makes iPhones around every 18 months,what’s so special about this?What exactly are the features of this new ultra-smartphone that makes every people gossip?

Here we look at the top features of iPhone X among many:

1.Face ID:

Remember how you swiped and used patterns to unlock your phone?Apple changed the way we unlock the phone by introducing the finger print verification-Touch ID.With simple touch on the home button you could unlock your phone.This time it has come with more-Face ID.You can just look at the phone’s screen and the phone unlocks recognizing your face.And if you grip the buttons on both edges of the phone, iPhone will temporarily disable facial recognition.Cool,right?And what’s more cool is no one will know you did it!

2.Super Retina Display

So what is this?It just means that the color is more brighter than ever or simply say very graphical.Watching movies is almost like watching on 3-D.And who’s to say iPhone won’t integrate 3-D functionality too?

3.Wireless Charging

As the name suggests you can charge your iPhone wirelessly using a wireless pad available at Amazon called Apple AirPower.No more wire hassle.Easy to charge and very portable.AirPower works without the need of any special case. JustĀ  your iPhone on to the AirPower pad, and it starts charging.

4.Better performance

The iPhone X contains the A11 Bionic chip from the iPhone 8, a 64-bit super efficient processor with a new designed graphics unit by Apple itself, which reportedly has 30 percent more speed than the existing unit. What all this means?It just means that iPhone will be lot faster than it was and result in better performance.


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