3 Best OBD Apps For Your Car

3 Best OBD Apps 2017

It’s hard to imagine a world without driving.Having a car is very convenient wherever you go-a friend’s party or your work or your daughter’s graduation.Since,cars have become so useful,more usage bring them down to crash-something we don’t understand.That’s were On-board Diagnostics(OBD) apps come into play.OBD refers to a vehicle’s self-repairing capacity.It is extremely essential in diagnosing mechanical problems of your car.

To solve out the problem of figuring everything by yourself,there are several OBD apps that will tell you what you need to do instead of having to figure out all by yourself.

So,you’ve decided you need an OBD app after reading this post or maybe beforehand but which apps do I choose?

That’s why I am going to list 3 OBD apps for you which are my favorite and many people recommend.

Note:You will need an OBD device attached to your car for OBD app to work.

3.OBD Car Doctor

OBD Car Doctor runs on both IOS and Android devices.It helps the driver easily communicate with their car.

If you are an Android use you can download the app here.

And if you are an Apple user,you can download here.

2.OBD Link


This is an ad-free application designed for Android platform.

The app offers information about the general health of the vehicle,cooler temperature, speed, emission and so on. It provides a dashboard and notifies user to check emissions,codes and troubles.

Get the app for Android here.

1.Torque Pro


The Torque Pro app helps drivers get better by allowing them to see what their car is doing in real time. The app also has OBD color codes showing where the problem is and gives information on the car’s performance and temperature.

It is fully customizable  and user-friendly dashboard can be customized as per users needs.

This app also features CO2 emission for those environment-friendly people.

This app is my personal favorite.

Get the iOS version for Apple users here and  for Android users here  .

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