Best Monitor For Programming-Guide From a Programmer


If you are a programmer you must have watched all those cool TV shows like Silicon Valley and Mr.Robot.

If you haven’t then,well…..what the hell?!Go watch them all!

When Mr.Robot codes he uses multiple monitors.When the gang of Silicon Valley codes,they use extra and large monitors as well.

best monitor for programming


Are you tired of using your laptop for coding?The small tiny screen that takes a day to scroll over and debug?When you are a full-time programmer,you will need a bigger and extra monitor.Multiple monitor setups are great for code readability.

Here,I have made a guide of the best monitor for programming from a programmers’ perspective.I too use an extra monitor myself and coding has never been easier.The monitor provides me enough energy to do my work.

Do you need extra monitor for coding?

If you are still in doubt whether you really need an extra monitor for coding then here are the reasons you will need them:

1.Easy to multitask:

When you have a dual monitor setup then,multitasking becomes easier.You need to see documentation,error logs and text editor and once most of the times while you are programming.If you have coded enough,you know how much of a headache it can be.

2.Increases Productivity

When you are programming,there is bound to be jargon.It can be nerving to manage files and folders and libraries.Extra monitor will help you a lot and even save you a lot of time on which you can get more done.Dual monitor monitor can be quite confusing to set up but once done it will surely increase your productivity.

What to Look For In a Monitor For Programming?

You can’t just pick up any monitors for coding.You must have figured that out so you are here.So,what exactly do you need to consider while picking monitors for coding?Here are the basic things you should consider.


  •    Go for thin bezelled monitors so it can be setup side by side.
  •    Look for monitor of same brands if you are setting up dual monitors.
  •    Go for IPS(In-Plane Switchinig) monitors.

Does Screen Size Matter?

Screen size is a fairly debatable topic regarding monitor.Gaming fanatic would definitely prefer a larger screen but what about a programmer?Do you need an ultra wide monitor or a wide is OK?

My opinion on this is,as long as you have a FullHD(1080p) monitor,anything above it would be fine if you are on good budget and if not then FullHD is definitely the way to go.But,don’t go for less than 1080p.

Who will need a dual monitor setup?

So,do you need to buy two or more of these monitors or is one really ok?

There is a simple way to answer that and it is really simple.

It depends on your industry.

If you are a graduate student,I wouldn’t recommend dual monitors if you are concerned about budget.I made my way through my Computer Science degree with a single large monitor.

If you work on finance or data industry where you have to analyze a lot of graphs and diagrams then yes,go for dual setup.

In fact,I have seen one of my uncles has around 8-10 monitors because he works in finance industry.

If you are all about the hot Big Data and stuff then dual monitor set up is great.

This will also be great for programmers-gamers out there.Most programmers are gamers(I am!), and it will be a lot easier if you have multiple monitors.


Dual Monitor Setup | Vertical vs Horizontal

Typically,when  setting up a coding monitor,vertical set up is the best.That way you can scroll down with ease and more and more lines of code won’t mean a headache.

But,what about when you want to do other stuffs?

Maybe movies or games?

You can easily change the orientation of the monitor that I mentioned.They can be switched to portrait and landscape mode both.That is an absolute necessity for a programming monitor and that is what IPS is about.


Best Monitor For Programming-Buyer’s Guide

Name of MonitorsResolutionPrice
ASUS DesignoFullHD
Hp VH240aFullHD
Acer R240HY
*(Editor's Choice)
Lenovo Monitor, L24qQHD
LG 34UM68-PFullHD

Here,we review the top 4 programming monitors.

1.ASUS Designo MX239H

best monitor for programming

This is an IPS monitor with FullHD resolution.This is a frameless monitor and has got aluminium bezel at the bottom with touch buttons for customizing the monitor.

The response time of this monitor is about 5ms but it is rarely noticeable. The response time is a bit more compared to other monitors but the color production is great and thus you have a monitor with awesome picture quality.

For programming purpose,the wide viewing angle of 178° is a winner.

This 23″ ultra-slim monitor comes with dual HDMI ports and VGA ports.Since,this is almost frameless,it is great for dual monitor setup.



2.Hp VH240a

Hp monitor

This 23.6″ ultra-wide monitor also has a viewing angle of 178° with an ergonomic design.The wide viewing angle means you can program from your couch and you will still see the screen clearly.

This monitor also has internal integrated speakers thus music would be an option from monitor alone.

This monitor is also great for multi-monitor setup due to its bezelless edges and ultra slim feature.It comes with AntiGlare protection as most of the monitors do.It also integrates IPS technology thus making good choice for programming.The adjustable height stand also adds to a great programming monitor.



3.Acer R240HY

best monitor for programming

Acer is known for building great monitors and this is one of its example.This gaming monitor can be a good monitor for coding due to the absolutely zero frame designs and.This is the best monitor for dual monitor setup and also the reason it is an editor’s choice.

This can take the easiness of programming to whole another level with its FullHD feature and a very good price.

It also comes with a good ergonomic tilt from 5° to 15° which is great for comfortable viewing.



4.Lenovo L24q-10


This is a QHD monitor,i.e one step above the FullHD.If you are unsure what QHD,WQHD and other screen resolutions mean head over at the guide of QHD ,WQHD and 4K.

This provides better image quality then the above monitors but at a little higher price.This 23.8″ QHD monitor is almost bezelless monitor thus doing great for dual setup.This is also an ideal monitor if you watch movies and play games at your programming monitor.

The response time of this monitor is 4ms but that won’t be a problem at you will never notice it.Lenovo manufactured glossy display monitor but due to increasing popularity of IPS technology,they moved to IPS monitors.


Let us know,what you use for programming and also if you bought one :).

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