Best Chromebooks Under $200-A Buyer’s Guide


Chromebook are getting so popular these days that everybody wants one!

But which one should you buy?

We have a review of best Chromebooks under $200.

You must be here because you know about Chromebooks but if you are unknown,don’t worry.Read on.

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebook is just like a laptop,in fact it looks just like it but it’s cheaper.By cheaper I mean a lot cheaper.They are sized from as low as 10 inches to 17 inches.They are usually lightweight and very portable.

The main feature of Chromebook is it uses Chrome OS.Yes,it doesn’t use Windows or OS X but Chrome OS designed by Google.Therefore,basically all the functions inside Chromebooks are related to internet.The Google Chrome is the primary browser obviously and there are tons of Google Apps like Hangouts,Google Maps,Google Plus,etc.

Most of the data in a chromebook reside on the cloud rather than the device itself.

There is an integrated media player for playing music and videos.

Who is the Chromebook for?

The Chromebook is not for gaming or high-end stuff.You must have known that by now.Chromebook is great for students and as of data reported from Google students are the primary buyers of Chromebook.That means Chromebook offers everything a student required to do except the Computer Science students.

Therefore,Chromebook is great for updating your blog,checking your email,playing low-end browser games,watching YouTube videos which altogether means great for travel.

If you are one of those who prefers jargon-less management of your work then Chromebook is for you.You can do all your internet stuffs on Chromebook thus you can use your laptop solely for some other purposes.

How are Chromebooks priced?

Chromebooks are priced from $100 to $1,100.You don’t have to go for $1,100 Chromebooks obviously because whatever you are trying to achieve your laptop can do that if you are on such high budget.I would recommend going for a $800 laptop and saving $200 for a Chromebook rather than opting for a $1000 Chromebook.

This means that the best priced Chromebooks are from $200-$300.That is why we made the list of best Chromebooks under $200.

Best Chromebooks Under $200

Samsung Chromebook 3
*(Editor's Choice)
Intel4 GB
Acer Flagship CB2-532Intel2 GB
ASUS C201Rockchip4 GB
Hp Chromebook G5Intel2 GB
*(Editor's Choice)
Intel4 GB

Lenovo ThinkPad N42Intel4 GB

1.Samsung Chromebook 3

best chromebooks under 200

The first Chromebook sale started with Acer and Samsung.With Chromebook 3,Samsung is attempting to make a computer that delivers almost all functions while keeping the price very very low.


The top lid surface of the Chromebook is a rugged texture.The button is kinda like sandpaper old-school laptop texture.The advantage of such texture is doesn’t show fingerprints.It has four little rubber pads for placement on the table.The speakers are located at the bottom at the back.The device is light weight and very portable when you are on a vacation but don’t want to take your heavy laptop with you.

On one of the side,there is a headphone jack port and a USB 2.0 port.And on the other side is a power port which is pretty small with a L-shaped plug that goes in.There is a small light near the charging port and when you are charging it goes red and when the battery is full it becomes blue.There is another USB port on the size,a HDMI port and a Micro SD card port.

On the inside,the surface is smooth but there won’t  be any fingerprint traces.The trackpad is smooth with no visible buttons.The bezel is raised above the screen and thus the screen and the frame are separated.


  • Display                                                          11.6” LED
  • Operating System                                         Chrome OS
  • Processor                                                      Intel Celeron N3060
  • Clock Speed/Boost Speed                            1.6Hz/2.48Hz
  • Color                                                             Metallic Black
  • RAM                                                              4 GB
  • Storage                                                         16GB
  • Graphics chipset                                            Intel HD graphics 400
  • Battery life                                                     11 hours
  • Wireless connectivity                                     Yes
  • Bluetooth                                                       Yes


2.Acer Flagship

best chromebooks under 200

The uniqueness of this chromebook is it’s screen size which is 15.6”.


The surface is quite glossy and you may get fingerprints when your hand is quite moist.But above that it has a great smooth surface. The material that the surface is made out of it just like plastic but it is cool nonetheless.

The chromebook isn’t much lightweight then the Samsung version but it is certainly not heavy.There are 6 rubber pads on the bottom for support.On one side of the chromebook is a powerplug,HDMI port,USB 3.0 port and a headphone jack.On the other side is SD card reader and USB 3.0 port.

The chromebook is quite decent with the big screen.The most beautiful feature of this chromebook is the audio speakers.They are located on two sides of the keypad and produce a great sound.

The trackpad has a good size and has better clicks then most of the Chromebooks.


  • Display                                                        15.6” LED & AcerComfy View
  • Operating System                                       Chrome OS
  • Processor                                                    Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3060
  • Clock Speed/Boost Speed                          1.6Hz/2.48Hz
  • Color                                                           Glossy Black
  • RAM                                                            2 GB
  • Storage                                                        16GB SSD
  • Graphics chipset                                           Intel HD graphics 400
  • Battery life                                                    12 hours
  • Wireless connectivity                                    Yes
  • Bluetooth                                                      Yes


3.ASUS C201 

best chromebooks under 200

This chromebook is powered by Rockchip processors.This is the main difference between ASUS chromebook and other Chromebook that use Intel processors.


The plastic build makes it light weight but it still feels little sturdy sometimes. Unlike other Chromebooks,this one has two USB ports on one side and battery port,SD card slot,HDMI port and headphone jack on the other.The track-pad is quite upwards but has decent feel to it.It has a 720p  webcam which is kinda surprising because that’s something that most of the priced laptops don’t have too.

The rubbers on the bottom are large for support.The speakers are located on the bottom and downwards which can be a problem for music lovers.But external USB speakers can work great.If you are looking for great USB speakers click here.

Nonetheless,it is a great Chromebook at a very low price.


  •  Display                                                         11.6” 768p HD
  • Operating System                                     Chrome OS
  • Processor                                                    Rockchip RK3288
  • Clock Speed/Boost Speed                        1.8Hz/2.48Hz
  • Color                                                            Lotus Red
  • RAM                                                              4 GB
  • Storage                                                            16GB SSD
  • Graphics chipset                                            Integrated
  • Battery life                                                      13 hours
  • Wireless connectivity                                    Yes
  • Bluetooth                                                        Yes


4.HP Chromebook G5

Hp G5

Chromebook G5 was released after G4 and they are quite similar.The main difference between these two is that G5 is lighter and has faster processor.


It has 2 USB 3.0 ports while G4 had one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 ports.The extra feature of this product is the touch screen that most of the Chromebooks at this price lack.

The power port is round and has HDMI,USB 3.0 and SD card port on the same side.On the next side is another USB 3.0 and a headphone jack port.

The keyboard is quite the downside as they are quite clicky and you may not get used to the delay.The cracky sound can be quite off-putting.

Inside the color is white except the keyboard which is black.I actually loved the design of the interior.The trackpad is quite big for a 11.6” laptop but is great whatsoever.

The screen is attached to the touchscreen making little room for bezel.The touchscreen is really responsive.The touchscreen is the worthy of buy-point here.


  • Display                                                         11.6” LED Touch screen
  • Operating System                                            Chrome OS
  • Processor                                                    Intel  Celeron N3050
  • Processor Speed                                                1.6Hz
  • Color                                                            Black
  • RAM                                                               2 GB
  • Storage                                                            16GB SSD
  • Graphics chipset                                             Intel HD graphics 400
  • Battery life                                                      12.83 hours
  • Wireless connectivity                                    Yes
  • Bluetooth                                                        Yes


5.ASUS C202SA-YS02


ASUS chromebook

This is another unique product of ASUS in Chromebook market.What is chromebook better than for education?This chromebook is designed primarily for students.


This is a ruggedized chromebook meaning that it is damage resistant in case you drop it.It is made up of rubber material.Even the bottom rubber pad for support is long and the laptop doesn’t move on frictionless surface.This is a great chromebook for travel because of all the risks It can handle.

Asus even thought about the students opening their laptop screen too far and breaking off,so the screen of the notebook goes all the way down unless it is aligned with the keypad surface.

ASUS could have done great with the touchscreen for such flexible notebook but what more can you ask for such price?

The keyboards kinda travel far down so it can be quite clicky.The trackpad is very sensitive and it has an option for tap to click.

There is a HDMI port,USB 3,0 port,headphone jack port and the SD card slot on one side.

It has stereo speakers on the side which aren’t the best sounding speakers and the sound maybe muffled but again it’s a great piece of device nonetheless.

This would also be my choice among the best Chromebooks under $200.


  • Display                                                         11.6” HD
  • Operating System                                     Chrome OS
  • Processor                                                    Intel Celeron N3060
  • Processor Speed                                              1.6Hz
  • Color                                                            Silver
  • RAM                                                              4 GB DDR3
  • Storage                                                           16GB emmc
  • Graphics chipset                                            Intel HD graphics 400
  • Battery life                                                      8-10 hours
  • Wireless connectivity                                    Yes
  • Bluetooth                                                        Yes


6.Lenovo Ideapad N42

Acer flagship


Lenovo is great at small-sized laptops.In fact,most of the Lenovo models are below 15”.Therefore,Chromebook market for Lenovo was an obvious one.And it did a great job there/


Just like the ASUS,the screen folds all the way back and the hinges look neat and long lasting.Good start with the screen.Another great feature of this Chromebook is the LED-lit display.This must be the best display Chromebook at this price range.

Moving on to the I/O we have one USB 3.0 port,one HDMI port and a SD card slot.On the next side awe have a single  USB 2.0 port.

There are four rubber pads for support in the bottom. The speakers are located at the bottom and again it wouldn’t be great for music but there is the option of USB speakers obviously.

The touchpad is great and sensitive and the keyboards are non-backlit.

This chromebook was originally priced at around $300 and now they have offered it for $200.For a reduced price this Chromebook would be a great buy.


  • Display                                                        14” Anti-Glare LED
  • Operating System                                       Chrome OS
  • Processor                                                    Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3060
  • Processor Speed                                         1.6Hz/2.48Hz
  • Color                                                            Black
  • RAM                                                            4 GB DDR3
  • Storage                                                        16GB emmc SSD
  • Graphics chipset                                           Intel HD graphics 400
  • Battery life                                                    10 hours
  • Wireless connectivity                                    Yes
  • Bluetooth                                                      Yes


If you got a Chromebook after reading this guide then let me know in the comments.If you have any questions and doubts regarding Chromebooks feel free to comment as always :).

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