Apple Watch Pros and Cons-Should you buy one?

Apple keeps releasing awesome new gadgets and it creates a buzz.Agree with me or not but we all love to have Apple’s new items!We want to try once anyway.

But there is one problem.

Apple accessories are so expensive you just don’t want to put money without knowing the pros and cons of the gadget.

Apple released the watch back in April 2015.The first caused a huge sensation among the Apple lovers.It was a wrist-band watch with rectangular screen and looked quite decent.Since then Apple has unveiled 3 more series of Apple watches with some changes on each series.Apple watch comes with iOS operating system.

To help you whether you should buy Apple watch or not we have made a list of reasons you should buy(or not buy) Apple watch .

apple watch pros and cons

Apple Watch Pros and Cons

Works like a Mini iPhoneDependent on iPhone
Good for Apple Pay Won't be a replacement for your watch
Faster Communication
Best for Fitness and Health purposes

Lets’s go into details of Apple Watch pros and cons one by one.


1.Works Like a mini iPhone

We want powerful computer that fits on our jeans.Apple Watch is just that-or more like it.The Apple Watch comes with full automation.It includes clock,stopwatch,calendars,stock news,weather,appointments,and reminders.In fact,it is a mini version of iPhone.It includes GPS technology for connection as well.The main advantage of the Apple watch is the fact that you don’t have to reach for your iPhone for notifications and buzzes.You can get alerts and beeps directly on your watch with a simple tap.

Facebook notifications,directions,maps and notification slider is what makes Apple Watch a wishlist item.

2.Apple Pay made easier

apple pay

You can use the Apple Watch for Apple pay.¬†Instead of fumbling for your iPhone, you can simply press a button on your Apple Watch, hold it close to the terminal,and the built-in NFC(Near Field Communication) will do it’s thing and you’re done. It’s always right there on your wrists and it never reveals your credit information or personal information.

If you use Apple Pay for purchasing,then Apple Watch is compelling.

3.Faster Communication

The latest model of Apple Watch supports cellular connectivity as well.It includes phone and messaging functions built into it which gives it a huge advantage on communicating.If you are into spy movies and James Bond stuff,Apple Watch is for you.With latest advent of GPS on Series 3 Apple Watch,you can communicate in any remote areas just as easily.It’s great for adventure lovers and hikers.

Apple Watch also acts as a remote control for your Apple TV which is awesome.

4.For Health and Fitness Purposes

apple watch pros and cons

The Apple watch is great for health and fitness.With new addition of features like built-in-GPS,heart rate sensor,smart activity coaching,Gym Connect and additional features for swimmers,it is highly optimized for health and fitness.It has a heart rate app that monitors your heart rhythm,pulse rate for both resting and when active and notifies you whenever it detects something out of ordinary relating to your heart.In fact,Apple has focused on the increasing heart problem so much that it started Apple Heart Study with Stanford to analyze heart rhythms using data from Apple Watch.


1.Largely Dependent on iPhone

Apple Watch is not a replacement for your iPhone.In fact,Apple Watch isn’t designed to replace your iPhone just yet.What Apple watch is actually a device to display things running on your iPhone but some features are not available if you don’t pair the with an iPhone.

If you don’t have an iPhone Apple Watch can be almost useless.

You can’t take photos on Apple Watch even though there is a Camera App on it.Your iPhone has to be remotely connected to it but you can only shoot photos that the iPhone camera is seeing.So,if you have your iPhone on your pocket,your photo looks black(unless your pocket is bright with landscape views of course).

2.Won’t replace your normal watch(probably)

Actually this is more of a personal disadvantage.We are accustomed to looking time on our steel band watch.A classical mechanical clock can be passed from generation to generation but Apple watch won’t last a decade surely.An with more and more updates from Apple,you might find the watch tiring or need to get another latest model of your watch.Or you may not.

The first gen of the Apple Watch had low battery life.The Apple Watch Series 3 claims to have a 18 hour battery life when idle.But reports claim that it even lasted 24 hours.Apple Watch surely keeps updating and someday it might just replace iPhone.

If you think Apple Watch is perfect for you can get the Apple Watch Series 3 here.

apple watch

If you are using an Apple Watch please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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